Tactual is a series of works created in 2022 and 2023.
With a study in materials and how to re-use found objects like
wood, sand and pine needles the visual elements are dissolved in
the material itself, bringing the viewer into a tactile study for all
the senses.

The abstract shapes are inspired by natural elements and layered
in hues of bright pastels to darker green and red. The pieces can
be touched adding an extra tactile examination and inviting the
viewer to a deeper understanding of the work.

The textures on the paintings are made from pine needles and sand mixed into the acrylic paint and directly on the canvas. The Tactual objects are made from found wood pieces, put together as small building blocks. The are a playful study of materials as the binding element.

The series was shown in the solo exhibition Tactual from the 13th-27th of April 2023 in Bien Contemporary, Vester Voldgade 8, København K

Video of the exhibition
Installation view, Tactual
Installation view, Tactual
Tactual 1
Mixed media on fabric
72×102 cm, 2022
Tactual 2
Mixed media on fabric
72×102 cm, 2023
Tactual 3
Mixed media on wood
17×30 cm, 2023
Tactual 4
Wood frame, acrylic paint, hessian fabric, mohair yarn
52x36x2 cm, 2023

Tactual object 1
Wood, acrylic, glue, mohair yarn
18x12x6 cm, 2022

Tactual object 2
Wood, acrylic, glue, mohair yarn
14x8x2 cm, 2022

Tactual object 3
Wood, acrylic, glue, mohair yarn
7x6x3 cm, 2022

Tactual object 4
Wood, acrylic, glue, mohair yarn
9x7x4 cm, 2022

Tactual object 5
Wood, acrylic paint, glue, mohair yarn
33×2 cm, 2022