Installation view Magenta gallery, 2021

Exhibitions solo

‘What is in front’, Nørrebro Kunsthus, Copenhagen, May 2018

‘Oil pastel & ink’, Soundtrack Café, Copenhagen, August 2020

‘SO NEW YEAR’, Magenta gallery, Copenhagen, February 2021

Exhibitions group

‘Kunsti Hænder’, Postbox Copenhagen, 2017

‘Efterår’ Øbro Library, Copenhagen October 2018

‘Abstrakt’ Øbro Library Copenhagen February 2019

‘Natur’ Øbro Library, Copenhagen Oktober 2019

‘Det fortællende billede’ Øbro Library, Copenhagen December 2019

‘Natten’ Øbro Library, Copenhagen February 2020

‘The Grand Temple of Boomshakalakh Interconnectedness’, Copenhagen September 2020

‘WOOD WORKS’ Magenta gallery, Copenhagen November 2020

Art fairs and markets

CPH Art Works, Copenhagen, February 2015

Flid marked, Copenhagen, May 2017

Designmarked i Prismen, Copenhagen, December 2017

Galleries and shops

Kunsti Hænder 2017

Artoteket 2017-2018

Poster & Frame 2020 –

Magenta gallery 2020 –

Art projects online

Corona Times, curator and creator, 2020