I am a visual artist and graphic designer working multimedia including painting, drawing and digital collage. 

Tania Sloth Woelders
Born 21st of July 1990 in Denmark

I started drawing animals and making small comic books from an early age, and imitating nature has always been a big part of my practice. When I play with my art I find that curious side that I had as a child and let myself have an open mind. 

My style is primarily abstract with a few figures in some pieces as a part of my visual journey. I am constantly learning new techniques by combining materials in different ways. I am obsessed with textures and tactile imagery that creates physical communication.

Imitating and interpreting visual discoveries from my daily life has always been a part of my practice. I work on mediums that have a unique surface to create multiple layers on top of it. In that process I find textures that somehow give the surface a feeling. I primarily use acrylic paint and oil pastels on canvas, fabric or wood.

In November 2020 I opened my own gallery which has been a dream come true. It’s called Magenta gallery and is located in central Copenhagen. Come by for a visit and see my work IRL.

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